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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 24, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm beth troutman. we've got the videos you want to see, "right this minute." now, that is an irate homeowner. the guy who is nearly naked lives here. cops say the other guy is a burglar -- >> who is now getting beat up by the guy in his underwear. >> a video warning for anyone considering a career in home invasion. a crazy update on the kid put in the washing machine. turns out, mom just found out that this happened. so who was that putting her little boy in there? you'll find out. what's about to happen here is -- >> really, really bad. >> because this tanker didn't make the corner. plus, a fisherman fights a shark for his catch of the day. and a vid for men who forget their anniversary hits a hot button with women. >> she was living at home.
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>> had a beer open for him on the table. >> and he came home to a clean house. >> that sounds like a normal, perfect marriage to me. it's time to get our show started. and steven has our first video. >> let's go to surveillance video of a front yard in san antonio, texas. you guys tell me what you think you see here. >> a wrestling match with a half-naked man. >> a guy in his underwear is named mike. the guy he is wrestling was a guy who apparently was trying to rob mike's house. you can see, mike's giving him the business here in the front yard, basically, mma style, choking this guy out. if we rewind this story back a little bit, mike spoke to news station 105. he says he woke up monday morning, heard some knocking, heard glass breaking, thought it was his wife in the kitchen. >> he put his hands on the tv, and then i just -- i just, like -- am i really seeing this? >> reporter: chased the guy out of his house, that guy jumped in
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a get-away car with a female driver and drove off. then he noticed a third suspected burglar. that's the person who we see mike destroying in this video. but, wait. the two other suspects return to the scene to try to help -- to try to help their friend who is now getting beat up by the guy in his underwear. and one of the suspects is a female, and mike is holding his own, two on one, fending these people off. >> while naked. >> yes. >> this guy, is he trying to reason with him? >> that's what it looks like. comes back, tries to say, hey, can you stop choking out my friend, because it looks like the one suspected robber is like losing consciousness. eventually, the three of them got away. they got away empty-handed, but the police did catch up with them later and charged them owl with burglary. frank, press ton and marissa all charged with burglary. >> i had to defend myself, but i didn't want to let this guy go.
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not long ago, i brought you this video. we originally thought this was dad putting his son inside of a washing machine. and if you remember, the washing machine auto locks, the child was stuck inside. a worker came, pulled the power source, and luckily they got the child out with only a few bumps and bruises. this happened two weeks ago in c c camden, new jersey. we have an update. mom just found out this happened. >> you are kidding. >> these are not the parents. this is the little boy's babysitter and one of her male friends. >> oh, boy. >> excuse me. you mean this is the boy's former babysitter? >> yes. the mother is pretty upset. >> i never knew about any of this. i found out on the news. >> she says she doesn't think he was trying to be asiveo the child. you shouldn't put a kid in a washer,
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but he was just applying around. no, i don't think he should be charged. she said she took him to the hospital to make sure he was okay. but she didn't know about that either. the little boy's grandma also had something to say. >> we didn't know. we just found out. >> how did you find out? >> the prosecutor's office. they came and knocked on the door. >> neither the mom nor the grandmother knew who the man in the video was. police did end up finding him, and once they spoke to him, they determined that no purposeful endangerment occurred. >> you're babysitting a kid, and he ends up in a washing machine, you should probably tell the parents, maybe. dash cam video from russian vehicles never seems to get old, i'm sorry. >> not on this show. it? >> always seems to be good. this guy is coming down, you see a truck come around the corner. >> oh!
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>> pretty close. to being really, really bad. the truck comes around, that right-hander, little too fast. tanker, got some weight behind it. and just flips on to its side. slides right up and gives the guy a nudge. listen to the driver. i think you can almost hear him gasp. did you hear him? >> whoa, that is a scary sight. imagine being the guy inside where the dash cam is. just suddenly you see a giant mac truck on its side, sliding toward you. >> and he's coming out with his hands behind his head, like what the heck happened? he must have a rubber bumper on that car, because it bounced. >> he did get nudged back, but the other thing i find that's interesting about the video, watch the truck driver. you can see him stand up in his cab, brushing glass off and pushes against the windshield to see if he can push himself out. >> now it's like you've got to almost climb up through the door. >> i think that volvo dodged a
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bullet. did you see how close that was? >> looks like everybody got out of this one okay. our stupid criminal of the day comes to us from lacrosse, wisconsin. and you know what? i don't need to say anything. i'll just let him tell his own story. >> this is my house. >> oh, look, he's watching "the big bang theory." >> yes, but he's not as smart as the guys on the show. >> this is a stolen camera that i stole, but it's okay, the cop won't figure it out. >> he stole this camera, allegedly, according to the thief, suspect, whatever you want to call him, and the person who posted the video, who got the camera back, obviously, because that's the person who uploaded this to youtube. and he gives us a tour of the house. >> this is the kitchen, there's the bathroom. how do you do? >> oh, my goodness. >> he says his full name. >> he doesn't just do that, you guys. what else could he possibly do?
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>> shoot himself in the mirror and give a social security number. >> and address, you're almost right. >> this is me. hi. >> this is like stealing a car and then spring painted on it, i stole this, and here is my phone number. >> how did this video camera end up back in the hands of the owner? >> apparently mr. yang and an unidentified 13-year-old were spotted on surveillance camera by the owner of the car they broke into. the owner of the car they broke into is a candidate for state senate. so there were campaign signs all over the car. police were able to identify the guys from the video thanks to a school resource officer, and they were both arrested for theft. >> and the person who posted the video said there were about 20 such videos this suspect made. >> they'll never catch me, i'm the perfect criminal. >> so i give you our dumb criminal of the day from lacrosse, wisconsin. >> wow, he might be the dumbest of the year. >> this is me. hi. a group of people gets trapped on a roof -- >> when their ten-story office
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building caught fire. >> see the swift rescue to get them down as the building is engulfed in smoke. and a fisherman gets quite a surprise when he feels a tug on his pole. >> oh! >> oh, it did not stand a chance! >> the battle of man versus chance! >> the battle of man versus shark, next. [ female announcer ] what do you share with your family? how do you keep in touch with friends on the go? stay connected to the people and things that matter most to you? with at&t's amazing u-verse services that let you build a personalized bundle that works for you. call now. bundles including u-verse tv, internet, and home phone start as low as $79 a month for 12 months -- our best bundle price. switch today and get a total home dvr included. or you can choose from a variety of tv packages to get the channels you want and from several reliable internet speeds up to 24 megs to get what you need. record 4 shows at once with a total home dvr that lets you play them back in any room. plus choose from a wide selection of home phone
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some office workers in mexico city found themselves in a scary situation when their ten-story office building caught fire. about a dozen people had to go to the roof of this building to escape smoke and fire. helicopters had to be used to help rescue these people. you can see, at least two helicopters, one by one, bucking people off the roof of this building. andif rescue if they're doing this one by one. this had to take a lot of time while the building is on fire. >> 600 people had to be evacuated from this building. no serious injuries. one woman suffered third degree burns and about twenty people
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suffered smoke inhalation. in the video, you can see some smoke coming up through the roof, but you don't see any visible flames. >> i would hate to be the last guy on the roof of that building. imagine the terror. you see the black smoke just pouring up. >> do they know how this fire started? >> no word on what started the fire yet. calm, peaceful day in the west galveston bay in galveston, texas. guys out there fishing by himself. >> oh, hemmingway. >> ends up hooking a speckled trout. >> oh, your cousin. >> it is my cousin. >> not a speckled trout, because this is what that would look like. now, i could be wrong, but something tells me this isn't how a speckled trout reacts. the. >> ooh! >> that's a big speckled trout. >> now, wait a sec. sort of looks like the speckled trout.
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it ain't moving so much anymore. >> that was a shark. >> no, it wasn't. it absolutely was. there are all sorts of sharks in the west galveston bay in galveston, texas. >> i just killed this massive [ bleep ]. >> wait until you see when he pulls this thing out of the water. >> oh, it did not stand a chance! that thing is gone! >> according to this guy, he said that the shark must have sensed a fish in did he sstress said i think i'll have it for lunch. had a bad day. >> this is very old man in the scene. because santiago caught the big fish and when he got to land, there was no meat on the bone. the sharks had eaten the fish! , a special day in your lady's life -- this might happen to you. this is a commercial ad for a flower company in the netherlan netherlands, uh-huh.
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>> what the -- >> what? >> oh! >> ooh. >> this is obviously an ad for a flower company, and it says what, boys? never forget your wedding anniversary, or any anniversary, for that matter. >> yeah. >> because you will die. >> you put such importance on one single day. let's put importance on the entire relationship. >> the day you committed to each other forever and ever, that's a pretty big day, and it should be special not only to your wife, it should be special to you too, because it's a day both of you share. >> if, in fact, all 365 days were special, then you would do things throughout the year so that your girl would feel special. >> what did he get on his
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wedding anniversary? >> she was -- living at home. >> and had a beer open for him on the table. >> and he came home to a clean house. >> that sounds like a normal, perfect marriage to me. >> let's get real here, you guys. there's like one thing you guys want. >> i absolutely won't -- >> in the form of what? >> sure, that's a gift. it's all about the packaging. always die. why do you guys want flowers so much? >> because they're beautiful. and when they come, they're fresh and smell nice. even if they do die. >> what about dryer sheets? >> when have either one of you celebrated a wedding anniversary? >> this conversation went on for a long time. to hear the entire thing, head to our website, >> hey, everybody, we've got one of those great animal videos. >> what is richie doing now? >> the story behind the video, next, "right this minute."
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no jumper has ever landed a wing suit -- >> without a parachute. >> but this didn't stop this guy from trying. see how it all went down. and a lesson from two cutis on how to say -- >> popsicle. >> the word of the day is next. >> you speak little girl really well.
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guys, i've got another wing suit milestone. we've seen the videos, and a couple times we've been asked ourselves, how cool would it be to land without a parachute? here it is. gary connery in oxfordsure, england jumped out of a helicopter, 2,400 feet up in the air. he is wearing a parachute, but that's only in case something goes wrong. you see them jump out, they look like two specks. the guy behind him is filming the entire event. gary is the one below. he's landing at about 80 miles per hour. you see him pull up, and boom, right into a pile of boxes, kind of like what stunt men do. itn news talked to gary con errey after he touched down. >> i'm on such a high. it was wobbly on the way in for sure. but i absolutely knew i was in
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it and i wanted it, and it all worked out. >> still had to hurt, because he was coming in still pretty hot. >> 80 miles per hour? >> yeah, he pulled up to slou himself down, but that's not going to break your fall. >> he does emerge unharmed. he comes out, standing, smiling, fine. first guy to ever land without using his parachute. american wing suit driver jim corelist was hoping to be the first. gary beat him. tom mave is known to many as a comic super hero. he does hilarious videos and puts them on his youtube channel maveinamerica. like this one. pay close attention to the sign. >> hey, dude -- [ inaudible ] [ sirens ] >> are you getting that?
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>> oh, my god, that's funny. >> the video makes you laugh. this is a brave dude to do this. let's find out what happens. we have tom on "right this minute." what happened after the cop pulls over? >> i said hey, you know, we're doing a prank. and the cop recognized me. so i did not get in trouble. he just left. [ inaudible ] >> sorry about that. >> i'm just happy he didn't taser me or mace me or something. >> did anyone actually offer to give you a ride? >> no. and i was yelling, "hey, i didn't do it, i won't kill you, pick me up, i won't kill you." so, no, no one offered me a ride. >> you have an entire youtube channel, maveinamerica, where you have other videos like this. tell us about your favorites. >> my favorite bits are breathe the homeless, two homeless guys sitting outside a burger joint and i call the place and i say
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this is sergeant tom mave. how are you guys doing? i just want to give you a heads up. we have a couple undercover agents out front disguised as homeless people. we can't blow their cover. can you maybe get a couple cups of coffee? >> five minutes later there's some kid walking out with a bag of burgers and two coffees. and it's my favorite bit in the world. >> oh, i love that one. maybe that's my favorite one too. >> great. >> that's priceless! golly! it's that time of year to dodge really angry birds. >> do you think these guys, like, draw straws? >> the story behind the angry birds video, next. high speed internet at home
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i'm about to show you the biggest mama jamma of all roller coasters. it's called the fourth dimension roller coaster. basically what this roller coaster is, your feet rotates independently from the track itself. >> so you could just be spinning freely as you're going down all those his and throughll loomeely. the turns and twists are planned. this is called the dino condain dino watertown in china. >> i feel like i want to go. >> and now you made it through the first loop. and do you think you're done?
3:25 pm
no, you're upside down again and then you go up. you go over. and then you're going straight down into the ground. there are only three of them in the world. the one i showed in china is the third one. if you want to experience t you have to go to china. >> i'll say thanks but no thanks. >> yep. what you're seeing is a peregrine falcon dive-bombing some scientists on the clock tower at the university of toledo in ohio. and the reason they're up there, every year, members of the ohio department of natural resources division of wildlife have set up a nesting box on this clock tower to tag, to band, the four chicks in there and to take some blood to make sure they can keep track of them. [ chirping ] >> as you can see, they've got on their hard hats and they have what look like some wooden shields. and look at the freeze frame of
3:26 pm
the falcon dive-bombing at them. these are birds of prey. i'm not surprised they had shields. >> listen to the sound of the bird coming at them. [ squawking ] >> wow. >> whoa! >> imagine how a rodent feels when he hears that. >> do you think these guys like draw straws, to see who has to go up? >> i can they love it. i think they really love it. >> until one of them gets an ear ripped off. i always answer the question, what would you like to be if you could be an animal? peregrine falcon. >> and listen to this. listen. >> oh! >> beans him right on the dome, man. one of these guys is going to lose an ear. >> listen to what he says after he does that. >> and that is why we wear hard hats. you know, kids are cute when they try to say words and they
3:27 pm
don't say them right. >> pock-sick-el. >> she is teaching her neighbor avery how to say popsicle. >> pock. >> pock. >> ick-sell. >> she has a couple versions of popsicle. that aren't popsicle. >> pock-i-pel. >> like a position, like -- the honorable pock-sick-el. >> likes a trout. >> pock. >> pock. >> now say sickle. say it together. >> pock-sick-el. >> pock-sick-el sounds like a bike. my pock-sick-el has a flat tire. >> pock-sick-el. i said popsicle! >> you got it, avery.
3:28 pm
can you say popsicle? >> popsicle. >> you guys both said it. >> pop --cy-kel. >> that's it for us here on "right this minute." thanks for joining us, everybody. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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